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Product Review: Nanobébé Electric Bottle Brush

Nanobébé are a brand who do things a little differently. Have you seen their breastmilk bottles? Their products are innovative and are designed in a way to problem solve things we face as parents. I've known and loved the brand for a long time as I've used their compact bottle rack since the newborn days. I was gifted it by a family member as she knew we'd travel a lot it with baby and she was keen to make our lives a little bit easier (thank you Katie)! She was right, the rack packs neatly back into it's box and fits easy into a backpack or suitcase!

My eyes sparkled when I saw their latest launch, the Electric Brush Set. I was thinking... how were they going to innovate the classic bottle brush? How were they going to make it better than others? How would it be different?

First thoughts

The packaging is simple and clean just as you'd expect from the brand. The product comes in a small box with all the parts neatly displayed. It makes it look fresh. You know what you get and that means it's easy to set up and get started straight away.

Assembly was easy, the brush head clicks on and you click the power button to go - simple. It had charge ready for the first use.

Yes, that's another great feature, it's rechargeable so there's no batteries needing changing and unlike a lot of 'rechargable' products around our house, it actually comes with a plug rather than just a cable.

The product sits well in my hand. It's easy to grip and it's not heavy! Great for small hands like mine.

I really like the sucker at the bottom of the brush as this means it can be stood up when not in use. Brushes which don't have this, have to be laid out on the bottle rack or placed in a jar which is okay when it's your own home as you control the environment but anywhere you don't, like on holiday or at someone elses place, you do not know what's on the kitchen side! This feature means the brush stays away from any germs and can air dry between use.

You can watch my 10 second review on the Little Pumpling Instagram -

The Pumping Partner Review:

My partner is the bottle washer in our household. I clean the odd one here or there when I need something for our child but he is the MVP. Why? Because we had a deal, I make the milk because I'm breastfeeding and he washes the bottles. It's our way of making it fair and it's our way of sharing the load.

So this is why, this review has to have his opinion in. It wouldn't be a review without his thoughts and I hope you like that - seeing it from someone elses viewpoint too.

"I think this product is really good. The brush head cleans the bottles really well. The rotation is really strong so it feels like you're cleaning the bottles and parts to a good standard. We've used the Electric Brush Set for 2 or 3 weeks and so far we haven't had to charge it which makes me think the battery is really good. I'm pleased about it being rechargeable because I don't have to change the batteries all the time - which I'm bad at anyway.
My only critique is the interchangeable brush heads are very secure so you have to really pull them off to change them. I guess because the body has to be waterproof?
My tip is to be mindful when you're cleaning with this because yes it's very fast which cleans the bottles in no time but if you're not paying attention, the motion can zoom the bottle out of your hands or spray bubbles everywhere! I think that's my technique though... I need to practise at putting it in the bowl of water rather than out of it!
Overall, it's the best we've tried so far. I really like it so much so I've stopped using our regular manual one."

If you'd like to hear more from The Pumping Partner, read their blog - .


Exclusive Pumpers can pump 8-10 times a day which adds up to a lot of washing up very quickly when you account for the pump parts and bottles combined. We need any help we can get to make life easier. This new Electric Brush by Nanobébé makes washing up quicker & cleaner - win win.

It would make a great gift for a new parent who is bottle feeding with any kind of milk so if you're reading this and you're on the look out for a useful baby shower product for you or for someone else, this should go on the Amazon Baby Wish List.

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Thanks to Nanobébé for gifting the product and for being an open brand to work with. They did not ask for any content when sending this product and have not had any input into this blog which means it's my own opinion which I'm sharing with you.

This blog uses affiliate links which means if you like what I recommend and click to buy, I will receive a small percentage. Please think of this as your way of saying thank you, for the content created and for everything else Little Pumpling is able to provide exclusive pumpers. Thank you to everyone who uses the links as it helps Little Pumpling to grow. - Chloe

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