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How to Choose a Breast pump?

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I always get asked the question 'What breast pumps have you used?'

Forgive me for not writing this blog sooner, as I'm sure it will help a lot of you.

Pump Experience

As I write this, I am 14 months postpartum and with that, I have been pumping for 14 months also. I have been exclusively pumping for the entire time with the exception of 1 or 2 nursing sessions back when my little one was a few weeks old. I know information is hard to come by so I'm using my experience to help you. This blog will be about my experience of various UK available breast pumps in hope, that it helps you make a decision and if you can't, feel free to book me for a 'How to Choose a Pump Session' they are £10 (you'll get exclusive discounts on various brands so you'll get your money back)

Breast Pumps A-Z

  • Ardo Calypso

  • Baby Buddha Portable Breast pump

  • Bella Baby Double Electric Portable Breast pump

  • Fraupow In-bra Pump

  • Fraupow Silicone Pump

  • Haakaa Silicone Pump

  • Lansinoh Manual Pump

  • Medela Swing Maxi

  • Medela Symphony (hospital rental)

  • Spectra S1 Chargable Pump

  • Spectra S2 Plug-in Pump

  • Tommee Tippee Manual Pump

The list above is a few more than your average ep-er! But that has come with running of Little Pumpling. I aim to try out products and spread the word about those which are useful and provide variety!

I have tried a range of UK accessible breast pumps ranging from double or single electric breast pumps and can see why double is preferred in anecdotal and medical research. I have tried open and closed systems and have preference for one over the other. I have tested out chargeable, battery powered (8 AAAs!) and plug-in pumps. I can compare silicone natural suction vs manual suction.

Feel free to ask questions on instagram and view others opinions too!

Please fill in the 'How to Choose a Pump' questionnaire for free breast pump advice*

If you'd like to book some time where we can do a flange fit, talk through my recommendations and receive exclusive discounts then please book a 'How to Choose a Pump' Session for £10 (You'll gain access to exclusive discounts so you'll get all or more of your money back!)

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