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Bella Baby Breast Pump Hacks

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

How to hack your Bella Baby Breast Pump to suit your exclusive pumping journey.

The Bella Baby Breast Pump is a portable pump which is easily 'hackable' to suit your pumping needs. Read for more!

If you're pumping around the clock, there will be times where you need a more mobile pumping set up. One way to achieve this is by using a portable pump. This post is going to focus on one portable pump in particular, the Bella Baby Breast Pump.

I am going to talk about this pump in particular for a few reasons, first is that it's affordable & powerful. This does not occur very often in the pumping world so when a product is powerful and affordable you have to take notice. The second reason is that it's chargeable - let's remember that a lot of us have plug-in pumps as our most efficient choice so when an option of unplugging comes along, you have to try it. The third is that it's a great 'starter' kit option. The box comes with everything you would need* like flanges, bottles, teats, freezer bags, clips, bottle holders etc. *Everything is basic though and you may want to change things.

I firmly believe this pump is a good backup pump as it provides mobility and is easy to hack with various other products to make it truly suit you. We should always remember that pumping is individual so if a product allows you to replace & switch up accessories that is a positive as it allows you to feel free to adapt and change throughout your journey rather than feel like your stuck with that set up.

There can be a lot of products to choose from and it can be a little complicated to talk through, so after explaining a few of these variations over voice note to a client this week, I thought how I should put my knowledge into print so others can view it too.

Keep reading for more info on how to hack the Bella Baby Breast Pump with Spectra parts, with Lacteck or with Freemie cups!

Bella Baby x Spectra Flanges

As we've said, exclusive pumping is very individualistic, there is no 'one size fits all' solution for everyone. Once you find what you're comfortable using, stick with it.

If Spectra is your favourite style of set up but you'd like to use the Bella Baby for it's portability, don't fret! This section will show you how to change from the standard Bella Flanges to the Spectra Flanges.

This is why some people opt for spectra flanges instead as there is a large range of size options available.

It's an easy switch to make.

You will need:

  1. Bella Baby Breast Pump

  2. Spectra Flange Complete Set (including bottles)

I can show you how to change from the BB flanges to the Spectra flanges in pictures as I own both. This is my tried and tested hack for train travel.

  1. You'll still use the Bella Baby tubing

2. Remove the white Bella Baby connectors which are at the end of the BB tubing.

3. Connect the BB tubing to the Spectra backflow protectors

4. Then you'll be able to connect the Spectra flanges and a way you go!

You will have two spare white plastic tubing connectors and the Bella Baby flange set. Put those in the Bella Baby box so you don't lose them! You will never know when you may need them again!

Bella Baby x Lacteck Flanges

If you rely on the comfort of these silicone motion flanges then don't despair, you will still be able to use these with the Bella, however it does take a few items to get it all in place for you!

You will need:

  1. Bella Baby Breast Pump

  2. Lacteck Baby Motion Flanges

  3. Maymom Spectra Connector

  4. Spectra flange complete set (including bottles)

You will need to detach the Bella Baby white plastic connectors from the tubing which is coming out of the white circular connector.

You can then connect the tubing to the spectra backflow protector.

Connect the backflow connector to the Maymom Spectra connector.

Place the LacTeck Baby Motion flanges to the Maymom Spectra connector.

Then connect the spectra duckbills and the bottles to the Maymom Spectra Connector.

Bella Baby x Freemie Cups

Sometimes when you are pumping, you don't want others to see bottles hanging outside of your t-shirt or you don't want your toddler to run up to you and pull on the freshly expressed milk. if this is the case, you may want to consider collection cups. These are types of flanges which have been made into a cup shape and rather than milk be held in a pumping bottle, it is held in a shell in your bra making pumping more discrete and mobile.

You will need:

  1. Bella Baby Breast Pump

  2. Freemie Collection Cups

Take the original Bella Baby flange off of the tubing provided and pack away into the box for safe keeping. You can then attach the freemie cups via the Bella Baby tubing and pump on-the-go! It's that easy!

Bella Baby x Lacteck x Freemie Cups

If you want to pump discretely using collection cups but don't want to sacrifice comfort provided by the LacTeck Babymotion flanges, do not worry. There is a hack for you! You can combine these three products to ensure you pump privately yet portable.

You will need:

  1. Bella Baby Breast Pump

  2. LacTeck Baby Motion Flanges

  3. Freemie Collection Cups

  4. Small Knife (for trimming LacTeck Flange)

Remove the Bella Baby flanges from the tubing and put in the box for safe keeping. Then you'll need to connect the Freemie cups to the tubing so they are connected to the pump. Next you'll need to insert your LacTeck flanges to your Freemie Cups. You can do this by trimming the LacTeck flange by 2mm so that it fits into the 25mm Freemie Cup, see LacTeck website for more image.

Bella Baby x Medela

Personally, I don't recommend hacking Medela freestyle connectors & flanges with the Bella Baby as they are an 'open-system'. This means that they do not have backflow protectors like the other product types mentioned above. No back flow protection increases the likelihood of breastmilk leaking into your tubing if you accidentally drop your bottles or tilt them in the wrong direction when pumping.

However, if you like the PersonalFit Flanges or any dupes of the same kind, you can purchase a Maymom Spectra Adaptor, and a spectra flange & bottle set to use the Bella Baby. It's a lot of product swaps but you will still have the comfort of your regular flange so it may suit you!

You will need:

  1. Medela PersonalFit Flanges

  2. Maymom Spectra Adaptor

  3. Spectra flange complete set (with bottles)

Now you know how to use the Bella Baby your way!

So there you have it, a few ways to hack your Bella Baby Breast Pump to suit you and your pumping journey. Always remember that there is no size fits all with exclusive pumping. Each journey is individual. Which one are you going to try? Leave a comment below if you have any Bella Baby tips you'd like to share with readers!




What is your preferred flange type?

  • Spectra

  • Medela

  • Freemie

  • LacTeck


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