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Pumping & Plane Travel

I have been lucky enough to speak to a member of cabin crew from a very well known UK airline. We chatted babies, pumping and wear to...

How to Choose a Breast pump?

How to Choose a breast pump? After 14 months of breastfeeding, more specifically exclusive pumping, I have used a variety breast pumps

Pumping & Donating Milk

If you pump and have more milk than your baby can drink, then you may want to explore donating milk. Here's an intro into UK milk banks

Shop for your Pumping Journey

An A-Z of all the products featured in blogs, posts and images to make your experience easier! (This page is under construction - please...

Pumping and Traveling.

Click here to watch my pumping x driving reel Pumping and planning an overnight stay? Did you go anywhere over the bank holiday? How did...

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